Why do they play SEVEN games?

Nba sucks

What is the point?  I have watched the NBA play offs and if the home team gets all the calls, puts out all the effort, and wins EVERY game, WHY PLAY SEVEN?  Maybe if there was ONLY one game, they would put forth the MAXIMUM effort and we might be entertained. Did you see the piss poor effort from the Hornets the other night? 29 points in the WHOLE second half, and all the starters resting because the game was a lost cause, and heck, ” we got the next one at home”

It’s this whole mentaltity that has ruined the sport. Thats why the college game is so exiting, THAT post season MEANS something. I have seen NO effort , from any road team with the slight exceptions in the Lakers and Pistons, and its THAT reason why they will meet in the finals, and the teams WONT win every game.

Really- they could just play one, and the results will be the same, MAYBE three, but THATS IT, seven games , what a waste of time, and the teams know it, thats why the effort is not there. It cannot be THAT HARD to win on the road, they do it all season, they just dont care in the playoffs.

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