Finally , the NFL may Ban this ‘do

stupid hair do

I have been saying for years that the NFL needs to ban long hair, mainly for safety, but it also looks bad. Now it looks like they may actually get it done.

 I knew a coach in youth football that carried scissors and would trim kids hair at the helmet line if it was in our eyes. and the hair in the back should never go past the collar. This was in the 70’s and early 80’s.  If you want to have long hair , fine, just keep it in the helmet, so other players cant grab it, 

and its not flopping all over the place. For the sake of the gods, please try and look like a professional. You are getting paid.

4 responses to “Finally , the NFL may Ban this ‘do

  1. Freedom reins in America, but this can be a safety issue, per a number of NFL games last year ( KC Chiefs). For youth football we make sure it’s tucked in.

  2. hippies are people too!! they are free thinkers that ony threat conformist natzi comunists this is NOT the 1930′s i say its your hair grow it to your hearts content and let any one who disagrfees suffer wi9th their baldness in wallowing misery!! and die from envy of your waving locks viva la freedom and welcome to america!!

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