Friday Madness

bracket hoops

What Madness? No buzzer beaters,  no real upsets. Just like  last year the favorites came in again Thursday, despite any value there was in some of the dogs. Even UNLV, which was a 1 point dog , was clearly the betting favorite on the strip. K-State as a 3 point “dog” is not a real upset. The linemakers have dumbed down the point spreads over the last two years, 20 point favs are now 12 pt favs,  12 pt favs are now 7 pt favs. Still , I will continue to bet the games that give the best value last year Day 2 sawa more dogs cover than the first day. Here are the bets I made earlier this week, when the lines came out,  and today.

Friday Early Games: Gonzaga+2.5, American +21, W. Kentucky+5.5, Miami+1.5

Afternoon: GTown-17, South Alabama+5.5, San Diego+12.5, Texas-15

Evening: Oklahoma-PK, UNC-24, Siena+8, Oregon+3

Late: TX-Arlington+25.5, Boise St+14.5, Indiana-1, Villanova+6.5

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