Let the Games Begin !

March Madness Vegas

The 2008 NCAA Mens Tournament begins today,and for the last few days I have heard the yaps gripe about match-ups, snubs, and one and dones. Look, there are no SNUBS ! I believe and so does everyone that the field of 64 teams DEFINITELY contains the BEST team in the country. So whats the problem? Does Arizona State or Ohio State REALLY think they had a chance? Really? Come on. This is the easiest tournament to get into. You just have to win your conference, you have all season to get the easiest seed in your conference tourney, and if you fail that you still get a shot, so stop whining.

And stop whining about the match-ups, placement or seeding. Look, you have to win six games, and you will have to beat a number 1 or 2 to win it all anyway, so whats the difference, go out on the floor and bring it, stop griping.

Remember every point helps, BUY the half point in every game you bet . Here are the bets I made Monday, Tuesday, and Today for the first round games on Thursday:

EARLY:  Georgia+ 9.5 maybe 10, Temple+8, Portland State+25.5

Mid Day: Baylor+3.5, Kent State-1, Pitt-8, Marquette-5,

Tweener: Stanford-14

Evening: Belmont+23, USC-2, Texas A&M-1, Wazzu-8

Late: Arizona+3, Notre Dame-6, Wisconsin-11, Mississippi Valley+32.5,


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