Runnin Rebels win at Home Again

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Well, the conference tournaments ended and we are getting ready for the big dance Thursday, I will have the selection as promised for you, my tournament picks have been 66% or better, sometime sup to 70% as in the football picks,  the last 5 years, even though , I dont really do basketball.

But anyway, the local yaps here in vegas are whining about the rebels tourny selection. WAHHH!! You barely squeaked by in a weak conference tourney in your OWN GYM. When the tourney is played in Provo, we will see how you do…and you will get beat by Kent State, so don’t worry it will be short lived. stop whining about NOT being sent to SoCal, instead of Omaha, and support your team, and get there. Kent State has to travel too you know.

Ok, so that my gripe about the whining rebels. The picks come tomorrow night. Everything for Thursday, all 16 games.

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