NCAA Hoops Tournament advice

Yes, football is King. But each year, I several requests to pick the basketball games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. For seven  years now I have posted a winning record in the madness , I still have the betting sheets from each year, which really helps in research , seeing how certain coaches do in the same spots as a dog or favorite. Out of 63 games in the tournament ( I don’t do Play in games) each year has seen over 40 -45 wins.. SO…by popular demand , I will do my best to post the selections of the first two rounds , but it is not easy, as many times, I am at the sports book, making last minute selections based on line moves, and information. But I will do my best, to help out .

Here are some tips to make the best pick.

 1) Go against teams  that are popular. I know its hard .In addition to the Big Boys like Duke, etc, there is always a team like “gonzaga” that everyone loves. Go the other way when its favorable.. Pay attention to the OPENING line, many times the line getsstarts  inflated and grows even bigger ( or less if they are a dog)  on teams like these. and remember Coaches dont win games. Players who shoot baskets do.

2)When betting favorites, make sure they can shoot free throws, thats how you cover at the end.

 3) Favor the teams that have a high 3pt shooting %, especially underdogs. It also helps to have a OVERALL FG %. Teams that actually MISS less shots tend to win.

 4) The best bets are often teams with several seniors, especially if they have been to the dance before.

5) Look to back a team that WON their conference versus teams that finished 3rd or worse in their big POWER conference.  

For some strange reason, the NCAA is taking tips from the NFL and starting the Tourny a WEEK LATE.

 I will be back with a post on Wednesday March 19.

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