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The Final Eight

final eight elite

For the Final Eight, I bet UCLA-5.5, UNC-5, Davidson+11, and I got Texas+4

Friday Tournament action

hoops peach basket

Well, we will take 3 out of  of 4 from Thursday and go for 4-0 tonight. Western KY came close to within 4 pts, if they could have got the lead, they could have won. Tonight the big dog play is aon Villanova 7 to1 on the money line and +12.5 , I also bet Memphis-4, Stanford+3.5, and Davidson+5.5.

Finally , the NFL may Ban this ‘do

stupid hair do

I have been saying for years that the NFL needs to ban long hair, mainly for safety, but it also looks bad. Now it looks like they may actually get it done.

 I knew a coach in youth football that carried scissors and would trim kids hair at the helmet line if it was in our eyes. and the hair in the back should never go past the collar. This was in the 70’s and early 80’s.  If you want to have long hair , fine, just keep it in the helmet, so other players cant grab it, 

and its not flopping all over the place. For the sake of the gods, please try and look like a professional. You are getting paid.

The Tourney continues…

basketball wallpaper

We are down to 16 teams , and 65% ATS going into this weekend…Again I am really looking at free throws, senior leadership, and attitudes to find the right sides here. Who expected to be where they are, who didn’t.

I bet Thursdays games already, some on Monday, some Today:

North Carolina-6.5, Tennessee+3.5, Xavier +2.5, and I was able to get Western KY +13 & 7 to 1 on the $ line.

Sunday Madness Round 2

Obama Bracket

Saturday we stayed ahead going 6-2,  Wrapping up a the First Weekend of the NCAA Tournament, here are the Bets I made to get the last 16.

Early: Villanova-5, San Diego+6.5, Texas-6, Tennesee-4,

Late: Davidson+5, Louisville-7, North Carolina-10, Memphis-9

Saturday Round TWO

san diego logo

How about those Toreros! An poutright win and it paid 6 to 1 on the money line. And they make me go to overtime. Face it this was a bet against UConn, who got a courtesy seed at #4, they should have been a 9. Thursday First round games went 9-7, Friday went 11-5 all day, so not bad . MY only dad play was Indiana, I never should have been suckered in on that one!

Second Round Action:  I have bet Duke-2.5, Kansas State +5, Purdue+3.5, Wazzu-2,

Later I bet , Texas AM+11, Marquette+3, Kansas-12, Mich St+3

Friday Madness

bracket hoops

What Madness? No buzzer beaters,  no real upsets. Just like  last year the favorites came in again Thursday, despite any value there was in some of the dogs. Even UNLV, which was a 1 point dog , was clearly the betting favorite on the strip. K-State as a 3 point “dog” is not a real upset. The linemakers have dumbed down the point spreads over the last two years, 20 point favs are now 12 pt favs,  12 pt favs are now 7 pt favs. Still , I will continue to bet the games that give the best value last year Day 2 sawa more dogs cover than the first day. Here are the bets I made earlier this week, when the lines came out,  and today.

Friday Early Games: Gonzaga+2.5, American +21, W. Kentucky+5.5, Miami+1.5

Afternoon: GTown-17, South Alabama+5.5, San Diego+12.5, Texas-15

Evening: Oklahoma-PK, UNC-24, Siena+8, Oregon+3

Late: TX-Arlington+25.5, Boise St+14.5, Indiana-1, Villanova+6.5

Let the Games Begin !

March Madness Vegas

The 2008 NCAA Mens Tournament begins today,and for the last few days I have heard the yaps gripe about match-ups, snubs, and one and dones. Look, there are no SNUBS ! I believe and so does everyone that the field of 64 teams DEFINITELY contains the BEST team in the country. So whats the problem? Does Arizona State or Ohio State REALLY think they had a chance? Really? Come on. This is the easiest tournament to get into. You just have to win your conference, you have all season to get the easiest seed in your conference tourney, and if you fail that you still get a shot, so stop whining.

And stop whining about the match-ups, placement or seeding. Look, you have to win six games, and you will have to beat a number 1 or 2 to win it all anyway, so whats the difference, go out on the floor and bring it, stop griping.

Remember every point helps, BUY the half point in every game you bet . Here are the bets I made Monday, Tuesday, and Today for the first round games on Thursday:

EARLY:  Georgia+ 9.5 maybe 10, Temple+8, Portland State+25.5

Mid Day: Baylor+3.5, Kent State-1, Pitt-8, Marquette-5,

Tweener: Stanford-14

Evening: Belmont+23, USC-2, Texas A&M-1, Wazzu-8

Late: Arizona+3, Notre Dame-6, Wisconsin-11, Mississippi Valley+32.5,


Runnin Rebels win at Home Again

casino vegas

Well, the conference tournaments ended and we are getting ready for the big dance Thursday, I will have the selection as promised for you, my tournament picks have been 66% or better, sometime sup to 70% as in the football picks,  the last 5 years, even though , I dont really do basketball.

But anyway, the local yaps here in vegas are whining about the rebels tourny selection. WAHHH!! You barely squeaked by in a weak conference tourney in your OWN GYM. When the tourney is played in Provo, we will see how you do…and you will get beat by Kent State, so don’t worry it will be short lived. stop whining about NOT being sent to SoCal, instead of Omaha, and support your team, and get there. Kent State has to travel too you know.

Ok, so that my gripe about the whining rebels. The picks come tomorrow night. Everything for Thursday, all 16 games.

NCAA Hoops Tournament advice

Yes, football is King. But each year, I several requests to pick the basketball games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. For seven  years now I have posted a winning record in the madness , I still have the betting sheets from each year, which really helps in research , seeing how certain coaches do in the same spots as a dog or favorite. Out of 63 games in the tournament ( I don’t do Play in games) each year has seen over 40 -45 wins.. SO…by popular demand , I will do my best to post the selections of the first two rounds , but it is not easy, as many times, I am at the sports book, making last minute selections based on line moves, and information. But I will do my best, to help out .

Here are some tips to make the best pick.

 1) Go against teams  that are popular. I know its hard .In addition to the Big Boys like Duke, etc, there is always a team like “gonzaga” that everyone loves. Go the other way when its favorable.. Pay attention to the OPENING line, many times the line getsstarts  inflated and grows even bigger ( or less if they are a dog)  on teams like these. and remember Coaches dont win games. Players who shoot baskets do.

2)When betting favorites, make sure they can shoot free throws, thats how you cover at the end.

 3) Favor the teams that have a high 3pt shooting %, especially underdogs. It also helps to have a OVERALL FG %. Teams that actually MISS less shots tend to win.

 4) The best bets are often teams with several seniors, especially if they have been to the dance before.

5) Look to back a team that WON their conference versus teams that finished 3rd or worse in their big POWER conference.  

For some strange reason, the NCAA is taking tips from the NFL and starting the Tourny a WEEK LATE.

 I will be back with a post on Wednesday March 19.