More Super Bowl Thoughts

super bowl 42

As of today, I have seen plenty of tourists pour into town, and I have spoken with several at the sports books. They all love the Giants, and won’t stop betting them , many betting they will actually win. The money line on the Super Bowl, for the Giants to win straight up, is now only +330.  Yes, really, a 12 pt dog is only about 3-1 to win , the Patriots on the other hand are only -430 to win outright with no points.

As the money pours in on the Giants, I am happy to be on the side that sees a big blow out by the Patriots.

How can a team that is 18-0, which has been called by several,  to be MAYBE the BEST of all time, NOT going to win and win big, in a nice warm wx site, against a 5th seed team, in the NFC , which everyone said was worse,  with risky QB, and due for a bad performance??? This reminds me of Super Bowl XXIX, where the 49ers walked all over the Chargers, from start to finish. Isn’t this Patriots team BETTER than that 49er team ? Come on, the Patriots are going to go no huddle ALLOT and score as much as possible and leave no question that they can score more the ’89 49ers, more than the  ’85 Bears, more than the ’94 Cowboys, and be considered the best ever. They should put half a hundred on em, or more, pick off Mannng 2-3 times, and after the game, everyone will go :

  “why didn’t we see that coming?”

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