Old Guys Get Cold

favre cold old guy

Bad weather , hot or cold, is always hardest on the old guys. Did you See the FOX set with Jimmy, Howie, and Terry? those guys looked 10 years older. and So did Brett Favre. He is not what he used to be, and the icy cold brought it out. It is just harder for those over 3o to function in sub zero temps. he mentioned this after the Bears game, and we should have been listening, he never used to say things like that after cold games. It is also true that the Packers players were not ready for the game with the giants, as much as they were for the Seahawks. You would have thought a trip to the Super Bowl would motivate them. The Packers had at least ten chances to win the game, getting break after break, right down to TWO missed FG’s by the giants, and then getting the coin toss in OT, with Brett and home field, it should have been easy. But they just didn’t want it as much.

I was right on with the Chargers, they did have a chance to win their game, but you can’t do it with field goals, you need TD’s. before the game, If I had said the chargers would have 4 trips to the red zone, Brady would throw 3 picks, you never would have been believed me. I really thought the patriots would be little flat and they were, now they have two weeks and will easily take care of the Giants, I bet the Patriots – 12 today. and I will go into the Super Bowl game in more details later on.

One response to “Old Guys Get Cold

  1. Too bad I didn`t see this one. But I`m getting cold only reading this stuff 🙂

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