Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

Beating the Patriots Not Unlikely

patriots art

Look, I like the Patriots as much as the next guy, it’s great to see a team do what hasn’t been done before. But it’s been a month since they have covered a point spread. They are not playing like they did in September and October- More important the teams they are playing now are much better. Last week was a very uninspired team. The pats are non invincible.

In February of 2002, No one and I mean NO one gave the patriots a chance of winning Super Bowl XXXVI, the Rams were 14 pt favs, and just  TOO good, remember?  Last week, myself , maybe two other guys outside of California, and Frank Caliendo were they only ones who said the Chargers could win, remember the colts were too good. You can go back to several games , all the way to Joe Namath’s Jets, against the Colts, where it was just assumed the Colts would win. Things happen.

The patriots have not exactly been stopping anybody’s offense except the dolphins in the last six-7 weeks. They have been waltzing through games expecting to win, they look bored. The kicker misses easy field goals. They seem to be playing not to lose.  This doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t win by 3 touchdowns on Sunday. But I have seen much more shocking results, than if the Chargers win in Foxboro. The patriots more than anyone are DUE for a bad game and a loss, if not this game, certainly the next. So That’s why I bet the Chargers this week.

They have more than a chance to keep this game close, surprise the pats and be in a  position to win. The patriots could alos be looking past this week, and find themselves in a fight, in the cold, and not be ready for it. .

 The Chargers have plenty of talent and motivation to show up . Several people picked the Chargers to go to Super Bowl, well, they have done nothing but win and cover eight straight times, I think its very short sighted to dismiss them, just because the media has already decided that the patriots have already won Superbowl XLII. I bet the Chargers+14.5, and a little on the money line.Oh and the other game , I got the packers -6 last Sunday night. The giants are done.