Football Friday lets Go SEA-men!

seahawks seattle

On Monday, when I was telling you to bet LSU, and i’m sure you did, i mentioned I already bet the Seahawks+8.5. I may get more saturday as the packer backers flood the sports book. I looked at The Pack & Brett Favre’s last 4 play-off performances, and was not that impressed , 1 overtime win, 3 losses.  Not that impressive. The value is in the points, could be another overtime game.

I think the Jag love all week is going to motivate the Patriots, I already bet them -12.5, but if you are looking for a small value play, you can get 5.5 to one , if you bet the jags on the money line.

Sunday, as i mentioned earlier this week, I bet the Cowboys-7, I dont see any new results from the last 2 meetings of these teams, much like the rams beat the seahawks three times a few years back.

And everyone has abandoned the Chargers, except me. Getting 10 or more is a huge deal, for a team that should be able to run the ball, and they have a chance to win outright, we havent had any repeat superbowl entries recently. I bet the Chargers +10.5, to keep it close.

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