Seahawks Blow out Redskins

seahawks football seattle

On to the next round! The east coast media again is bias against Seattle . They turn in the best performance against the hot redskins, and the media dismissed them. Good. Maybe they will wake up after the beat up the Packers.  The seahawks showed how dominant they were winning by 3 touchdowns, the biggest blow out of the weekend, yet all the media would cover AFTER the game was the losing locker room, instead of covering the winning performance of the seattle defense, and clutch passing by Matt Hasselbeck. The seahawks will be very close in Green Bay, and have  75% chance to win the game , You can get 8.5 now, I’m looking to bet the Seahawks +10. after all the suckers bet the packers up.

The Cowboys game will be a blow out, as NFL teams with a bye in the playoffs, playing NON division winners, usually win big. The giants have nothing left, and proved their point, won their play off game, and I bet Dallas-7, at the Hilton sunday. I also bet the Patriots-11, its too much to ask the Jaguars to do it again, on the road , in the cold, against a team like the New England. I will be looking to the Chargers later this week, when all the dolts bet the colts. Tonight in the BCS Championship I already bet LSU -3, weeks ago, and Im sticking with it. They saw what USC and Georgia did, and will try and run it up at home in the dome against Ohio State, so Les Miles can run his yap about how good his team is and that they deserve to be champs. I would love to see Ohio State win, but I have to back LSU with my money.

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