Wild Card Weekend

wild card football

Are your ready for some football? I am . People forget that Seattle is just too tough at home, and even on the road at times, they were an overtime field goal from beating the Bears last year, and probably back to the super bowl.

I bet two teams to make it to win  the super bowl. Seattle at 40-1, and San Diego at 25-1. Thats my Prediction, Seahawks- Chargers in Super Bowl XLII

No team has EVER , I mean EVER beat the steelers at home twice in one season. Thats the only stat I need. I bet Pittsburgh+3. On Sunday, I bet the Buccs-2 last week, I dont think the gianst have any thing left and will turn the ball over in Tampa. And while i feel the chargers will win as well, I bet the Titans +10.5, to keep it close in the windy maybe raindy 55 degree day in San Diego. Last year the home teams on Wild Card week were 4-0. I see that again this year.

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