Daily Archives: January 2, 2008

Funniest Momment On ESPN Gameday

espn college gameday

Of this whole seasaon, this was the funniest thing I saw on the Gameday set. On New Years Day, at the end of the show, Old man Lee Corso Hiding under the desk, with his USC gear on , waiting for his cue, ine “headgear segment”.

Kirk and Chris, could not contain themselves and it was a classic moment, sorry if you missed it.

Bowling Wrap Up

michigan capital one bowl

Well, now that the 2007 Bowl season is over, sorry i really dont count  worthless bowls played in canada. – Time to vent..

The All State Sugar Bowl was a never ending story. Why did it take 4.5 hours to play a non-overtime game? The Capital One Bowl was the best game, of the season. Ig Michigan had played like that against Ohio State, Lloyd Carr would still have  a job, USC or Oklahoma, would have been playing LSU, and West Virginia would have a chance in their bowl.

The bets I made and posted here, in the Bowls went 17-8-1, 6-0 on New Years Day. Its the only day of the year I know I will get the best effort from every team.