Final Football Sunday 2007

nfl football sunday

First let me say congrats the Patriots for going 16-0. But lets be honest, in the FOUR biggest games of past 6 years, 3 Super Bowls, and the 16-0 game, they won all of them by only 3 points. Not very dominant.

As for the bowls, its nice to see almost every team showing up to play this season, with the exception of Memphis, Nevada, and possibly ASU, every team has come to play with no one seeming disinterested. I think this is because so far most of the teams in these bowls are mediocre, so all are almost even, we wont se the big blowouts till later in the bowl schedule. I already bet Georgia-7, Oklahoma-7, Tennessee-2.

Here is a stat for you: The teams wearing dark jerseys are 10-2-1 ATS, going into today’s game. The two losses were only BYU and Texas a&m last night was was getting +6. Very close. Houston got the Push on Friday. I know it has nothing to do with football , but a trend is a trend, last year it was the red(ish) or red in the team colored trend. This year I have not been big on backing teams that lost at the end of the season, teams finishing strong and EARNING bowl invitations, do much better.

In the NFL, I bet the Cowboys+10, Seahawks+3, Bills+8.5,Colts+6, 49ers+13, Steelers-3.

Later tonight I bet Colorado +4.5, while on Monday I bet Clemson-2, Air Force+4.5, South Florida-6, Florida State+10.5, Fresno State+6, I will be betting Indiana, getting 6 or more.

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