Football Friday, HO ! HO! HO!

football santa

Ok, so Utah rolled over and let Navy back door them with a minute to go…Typical MWC killer instinct. Tonight its the R& L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, I bet the Owls-3.5. 

 It is soooo original to name the bowl after the city its located in. If the original Football Gods had done that we would have the Pasadena Bowl, Miami Bowl, Dallas Bowl, instead of the Rose, Orange, Cotton, etc…

Why not the Bourbon Bowl? It was good enough for Red Beauliu. Saturday I bet UCLA+ 7.5. Yes, that’s right, they were better in September, and they still have better talent now, no matter who coaches them, which will be Rick Neuheisel anyday. And as a dog UCLA plays even better, they are tired of hearing about BYU and the MWC, The Pac Ten shows well, beginning with the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl , UCLA wins by 14 . What else we got ? The New Mexico Bowl? The Papa Johns Bowl? I bet  Nevada +3.5,& S.Miss+11.5

Sunday In the NFL , I have already bet many of the games , as I wrote about earlier this week. But I also bet the Bears+8.5, Panthers+10 & Falcons+10. I think many of the teams at home will play very well, as everyone is thinking about christmas, and being on the road, and having to get back on christmas eve, and take care of the kids is a big distraction. carolina, chicago, New Orleans, Indy, buffalo, seattle, etc all should do very well.

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

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