Monday Night Football Easy Winner

football party

First of all lets begin by saying the bowls are not about getting the BEST teams or the MOST deserving teams. They never have. And the Pac 10 has always got the shaft. The Pac Ten  has been the 1st or second best conference all  season long, and probably last season as well. YET somehow , they don’t send two teams to the BCS ? I can understand why USC  didn’t get voted into the championship game , but why did the Big ten(11) get 2 teams in ? Illinois ? Really?  Kansas and Mizzou lost their final games of the season, while ASU win’s it’s last game, and played a tougher schedule than Kansas, and Hawaii, how the voters put Hawaii in, is beyond me, I watched all of Hawaii’s games and they were always in overtimes, or coming from behind, fighting and clawing against the weakest of WAC teams all season.  Jeez, they were down to the last place team in the Pac-10, by 21! Lucky for them Tyrone was still coaching UW , or they would be out. The east coast bias lives on.  If you play west of the Rocky Mountains , look out.BUt hey the bowls know Hawaii and Kansas will bring plenty of fans, and as soon as Tostitos passed on ASU for tourism, no one else wanted them .

As for Monday Night Football tonight, I already bet the Ravens +21. Come on, do you really want to lay 21 points in the NFL, if you don’t have to? Really? The Ravens have what takes tonight to keep the game closer than this. Really.


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