Kaos is Not Calling

kaos football BCS

Everyone is talking about chaos in the BCS- WRONG. The BCS has a chance to do something great, PICK who they want in the championship game! They can Vote USC and LSU in to settle the Pac-10 SEC divide. The east coast bias will prevail, and USC will be left out, too bad.They will hammer anyone they play in the Rose Bowl, it wont be Illinois. Jesus, Michigan is better than Illinois.And they got shafted too by one of their own- Les Miles, what a chump. He didn’t sound like a Michigan man on Saturday, he sounded like an LSU man.

West Virginia has been a fraud all year, I told you to bet Pitt last Monday. You can’t win a championship wearing all yellow. Oklahoma has owned Mizzou for years.

We saw this coming. I said back in September that Georgia and USC should play for the BCS championship, and It’strue NOW. If Ohio State draws LSU from the voters, Then lets see the BEST 2 teams right now,USC and Georgia in the Rose Bowl. I say put Oklahoma and ASU in the Fiesta. Clearly Hawaii is not good enough after last nights performance,( another close shave against a bad team)  so let the Orange and Sugar bowls pick from the rest.

The BCS works, its what makes College football so much fun. Remember fans cant travel to multiple venues for playoffs, it costs too much around the holidays, so the bowls and BCS must stay in place. Its easy, win all your games and your in, if you lose, even one game, you lose the right to bitch.


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