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New Years Bowls

football new years day

Looking ahead to next weeks NFL playoffs, lets see if  the Cowboys, Steelers, Buccaneers, will look better than they have the last 2 weeks. And  be sure to get the best numbers. I don’t think the Jaguars have what it takes to do it twice in Pittsburgh. I already bet the Steelers +2.  I bet the Seahawks at home -3,  and Tampa Bay-2.

In addition to betting Florida State +10.5 yesterday, I got Kentucky-6 today, what a bargain. I can win both. I also Have Indiana+6 and maybe more later…For new years day, in addition to the other bets I have already mentioned, I bet Michigan +11.5, I had to buy the half point and get Virginia+7, and I already have Georgia -7, USC-13, Mizzou-3, The Vols-2,  

Final Football Sunday 2007

nfl football sunday

First let me say congrats the Patriots for going 16-0. But lets be honest, in the FOUR biggest games of past 6 years, 3 Super Bowls, and the 16-0 game, they won all of them by only 3 points. Not very dominant.

As for the bowls, its nice to see almost every team showing up to play this season, with the exception of Memphis, Nevada, and possibly ASU, every team has come to play with no one seeming disinterested. I think this is because so far most of the teams in these bowls are mediocre, so all are almost even, we wont se the big blowouts till later in the bowl schedule. I already bet Georgia-7, Oklahoma-7, Tennessee-2.

Here is a stat for you: The teams wearing dark jerseys are 10-2-1 ATS, going into today’s game. The two losses were only BYU and Texas a&m last night was was getting +6. Very close. Houston got the Push on Friday. I know it has nothing to do with football , but a trend is a trend, last year it was the red(ish) or red in the team colored trend. This year I have not been big on backing teams that lost at the end of the season, teams finishing strong and EARNING bowl invitations, do much better.

In the NFL, I bet the Cowboys+10, Seahawks+3, Bills+8.5,Colts+6, 49ers+13, Steelers-3.

Later tonight I bet Colorado +4.5, while on Monday I bet Clemson-2, Air Force+4.5, South Florida-6, Florida State+10.5, Fresno State+6, I will be betting Indiana, getting 6 or more.

UCLA Gets the Right Guy

rick neuheisel UCLA

It was one week ago that I mentioned Rick Neuheisel would be the coach at UCLA. 3 years ago I predicted he would be the next coach after Dorrell was eventually fired.

This is the right fit for UCLA . They need a STAR to compete with Pete Carroll. They need a coach with NFL ties to get the good players. It’s always good when you can get an alum to coach, they are not likely to leave for the NFL

And he is guaranteed at least one win a year in the Pac 10, when they play Washington, where Rick was fired for participating in an local college hoops betting pool, and he won his case, and $4.5 Million through legal proceedings. Now he will take it out on the Huskies on the field.

Final Football Friday 2007

football charlie brown lucy

Our Last Football Friday this year, and its been a great year, despite last nights no show from ASU. A friend of mine in Phoenix, told me ASU was a fraud all year, and i should have believed him, because they could not stop Oregon, USC or Texas.  Moving On….

The BC Bowl Streak continues, I bet the Eagles-3 last week. Also tonight I bet Houston +7, the line keeps getting bigger, and may get 7.5 by game time. They may not win, but they can hang in there.  Looking ahead to Saturday, I bet Wake Forest -2, and Mississippi State+3.5. In the NFL I bet the Patriots to win BIG -13, in the NFL and get their perfect season.

In Other upcoming Bowls, I bet Mizzou-3, They will destroy Arkansas, so bet it big. And Kansas +3.5 is a great deal, for a team hearing how they shouldn’t be there, they will show that they do, VTech does not have the best BCS bowl record.

Fourth day of Xmas Football

vegas grass football

Only 8 more days to go of the 12 days of christmas. Its the fourth day of christmas and the gods have given us the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl. No this photo is not of that field, but a typical HS field in Vegas, where the grass is so dead, they have paint the stripes blue. Really.

The games have been good to us this year, 288-130-8, into tonight. I hope to do as well in 2008. Tonight I already bet ASU+3, I think Erikson’s boys are happier to play Texas,than the horns are to play the devils. Friday I went with the fat coach theory, ( just kidding) and have Maryland+4.5.

Merry Christmas? No Football?

christmas football

No football on Christmas Day ? Since when ? I can’t believe they expect us to watch hoops . The day after Christmas I already bet Central Michigan +9.5 in the Motor City Bowl, but Come on Not even the Blue Grey game anymore..

Excellent football Saturday, I loaded up on UCLA , and not just because Colin Cowherd said it was the LOCK of the Bowl season. The Bruins were so close to an outright win,even with a 5th string QB.  And everyone else was on BYU. I don’t know what happened to Nevada, they have put in solid efforts all year, and just did not show up at all in New Mexico. Later tonight In the Sharaton Hawaii Bowl, I like Skip Holtz’s team, , despite everyone’s love affair with Boise. This is not last years team, and its too many points for them to lay, they are not that good as a favorite of over 10, and all the Boise talk will motivate East Carolina, I bet the Pirates+11.5. So with No football on Christmas day,  I bet the Chargers-8 on  Christmas eve. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Football Friday, HO ! HO! HO!

football santa

Ok, so Utah rolled over and let Navy back door them with a minute to go…Typical MWC killer instinct. Tonight its the R& L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, I bet the Owls-3.5. 

 It is soooo original to name the bowl after the city its located in. If the original Football Gods had done that we would have the Pasadena Bowl, Miami Bowl, Dallas Bowl, instead of the Rose, Orange, Cotton, etc…

Why not the Bourbon Bowl? It was good enough for Red Beauliu. Saturday I bet UCLA+ 7.5. Yes, that’s right, they were better in September, and they still have better talent now, no matter who coaches them, which will be Rick Neuheisel anyday. And as a dog UCLA plays even better, they are tired of hearing about BYU and the MWC, The Pac Ten shows well, beginning with the Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl , UCLA wins by 14 . What else we got ? The New Mexico Bowl? The Papa Johns Bowl? I bet  Nevada +3.5,& S.Miss+11.5

Sunday In the NFL , I have already bet many of the games , as I wrote about earlier this week. But I also bet the Bears+8.5, Panthers+10 & Falcons+10. I think many of the teams at home will play very well, as everyone is thinking about christmas, and being on the road, and having to get back on christmas eve, and take care of the kids is a big distraction. carolina, chicago, New Orleans, Indy, buffalo, seattle, etc all should do very well.

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

Bowling Season Kicks Off!

rose bowl trophy 1920

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Look at that photo of the Rose Bowl Trophy  in 1920. Priceless.

I still say there Are TOO many bowls. And more importantly too many after Jan 1. EVERY bowl should be held before Jan 1. EXCEPT the Rose, Orange, Sugar, Cotton, Gator, Capital One, and Outback . The BCS  Championship can be held the next Friday, Saturday or Monday following Jan 1.  But the minor bowls need to be held between Dec 18-31st.

As for tonight’s “big “ game.  I like Utah. I have seen their games, and they have been pretty good. And surprising at times. They get up for the big games, and we should get a good effort. Navy is a good story, but their coach is gone, and lest face it , no matter what bowl they are in , the biggest game of the year for these midshipmen is beating Army and Air Force, and this year had the added bonus of winning at Notre Dame. So really how big can a game against Utah be ? Utah has one of the longest bowl winning streaks going right now, so they usually are motivated, no matter the opponent.

 I bet the Utes-7, I also bet the Rams +9 tonight in the NFL, while for Sunday, I bet the Bengals +3.5, Lions-4, Bills+3, Redskins+7, 49ers +7

Monday Night Football

super fans

Well, maybe the steelers are not as good as anyone thought. looking ahead to this week , there are some games to get on early. I bet the Seahawks-9.5, Indy-6.5, and the Saints-3. In the Bowl Games I already bet Oklahoma-7, and USC-13. As for tonight, the Bears are going with a new QB, the Viks are not ready for,The Vik’s QB is mistale prone,  if they are not careful, Chicago could catch them by surprise, and the Saints are on their heels .

I bet DA Bears+11.5.

Football Friday- Revenge of the Winged Helmet?

winged helmet

Maybe not, its been a touch year for Michigan, and the michigan related, the winged helmet is back tonight in the form of Delaware, for the Championship against App. State. The hens are worth a shot at +7, but I dont follow this former AA div.

I do Follow the NFL. I bet the the 49ers+8.5 for Saturday, I also bet the Cowboys-10, Raiders+10, for the NFL on Sunday, as well as the Bills +6, Saints-4, Dolphins+3,Chiefs+4.5 , I’ve bet the Buccs all year , I wont stop now, and I love the Redskins on Sunday night, the gianst seems to be getting cold feet.