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Tuesday Links-100th Apple cup

apple cup

UDub-WAZZU rivalry,

Things someone hates about College Football: 

William Hung sings, from SportsbyBrooks

Charlie Weis offered to resign? 

Neuhesisel back in the Pac 10? 

This is funny from: LSUFreek of

tressel own me

Monday Night Football

football freak

I am so glad , as I’m sure NBC is, that they FLEXED OUT of the Bears/Seahawks game, to give us that riveting game between the Patriots and Bills. Hey NBC, let me ask you some questions: You wanted that game? Really? You could have picked any other game and you chose that one? Really? You didn’t think the biggest favorite on the board would blow out the Bills? Really? You didn’t see it coming? Really? Good job, your boring telecast, with boring music, and sterile studio, vanilla Bob Costas, and bland delivery of highlights, is really making me wish ESPN was back on Sunday. Really.

In college football, the betting selections on this blog went 12-4 this past week, the NFL 5-0-1 into tonight, 17-4-1 for the weekend. So far this season all the picks listed are 227-96-7, or 70% for the year.

As for the Titans/Broncos, I think we should get an inspired Denver team to play well, while the Titans are probably thinking about turkey. It’s a short price to get with the Broncos, so I will take the home team -1.

Best Signs At Espn College Gameday- Ann Arbor

espn gameday signs ann arbor

What a surprise,  ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso,  Kirk Herbstreit, and Desmond Howard were at the Michigan-Ohio State game. Desmond finally got some love as they were ate HIS alma mater. There was plenty of Love for Des in the crowd as well. And in the spirit of the ’08 election, there was support for Ron Paul,  “Corso-Herbstreit ‘08” and the usual “Lou Holtz 4 Prethadent” 

 The Wazzu flag was flying high again, until someone burns it.  ( really, will someone shanghai that thing & burn it? )

The top two signs were very close to call 1-2, but they were the best of the bunch, and summed up the underlying theme of the day.  

Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      You Can’t Spell C_ck_ _cker without O S U

2.      We want a new Carr with Les Miles

3.      Only Buckeyes work at Home Depot

4.      Charlie Weiss ate Notre dame’s season.

5.      Mangino : 1 hot dog away from a coma

6.      Herbie sings “the Victors” in the shower

7.      Columbus Discovered losing

8.      Stop talking about Barry Bonds

9.      Beanie can’t read

10. Tressel has Q-Nips

11.  We can afford sleeves

12.  If you can read this you are not a Buckeye

13.  Desmond:  strike a pose

14.  Lee Corso looks good in a winged helmet

15.  Hasta La Vista BCS16.  Tressel: make me a sandwich17.  U of M is OSU’s Little brother18.  Corso You are my Boy Blue19. Suit Up Desmond20. Tressel watches “the View”

21.  Beanie Smells

22. We need frequent flier MiLES


24. Desmond walks on H2o

25. Texas hates Ohio State

If you saw any others that warrant a mention send them in, all in all the boys in Ann Arbor did a good job.

At the end of the season, I will rank ALL the best signs seen all year.

Previous weeks signs:

NFL Sunday Selections Week 11

football dummies

12-4 in the bets posted for saturday’s games. Today will be JUST as good!

I think it’s interesting that since 1978, only five schools have NOT scheduled a non-division I school in football. USC, UCLA, Washington, Michigan State, and Notre Dame. Three are pac 10 schools, you would never get an SEC school to stop scheduling cream puffs. the NCAA should mandate this for all BCS eligible schools. The Big Ten(11) should just play everyone in their conference, and NOT  APP state, etc. What a wild day yesterday, the Vols got lucky, and they have used up all their luck, I still say Georgia will play LSU in the SEC championship. ASU has a shot the rose bowl and the BCS champ. if they beat USC. there are allot of losses left to be had by several teams in the top 5. So who knows who will be in the championship game, but it better NOT be any team with TWO losses.

In the NFL Sunday, so far I bet the Vikings-4, Ravens+3, Bucc’s-3, Chiefs+15, Jets +10, 49ers+3, and Seahawks -5.

Saturday Football Update Noon PST

Noon PST Update:  Lots of action at the sports book this morning, with so many early games…but I did find the numbers I wanted and bet these games: Michigan State +3.5, Houston-12,Indiana+2.5,  to take the bucket. At the MGM , I got Boston College+10, I had to buy the half point , but BC is 9-3 ATS vs teams with a winning record. BC is 2-0 SU vs Clemson. Oregon State is 6-1 ATS vs Wazzu, I bet the Beavers to win easy+3.

Cincinnati has everything on their side tonight and they are getting points. West Virgina does not do well in these spotlight games, and I still remember that turd they left in South Florida. I bet the Bearcats+6.5. Texas Tech Red Raiders: why do they wear black jerseys? Oklahoma is 4-1 on turf, 4-1 in November, looks like a trap, but I’ll take the sooners -7.

Football Friday- Lloyd’s Last Stand?

wolverines football

“WOLVERINES ! “It could be the last chance we see Lloyd Carr on the Michigan sideline. It’s also the last chance for some Wolverines to beat the REDS, from across the border. If they had any motivation it’s this time. If they want Carr back at all, they will have to win for him. I bet the Wolverines +4.5 already. The ESPN Gameday Gang will be in Ann Arbor, and those buys better have some good signs this week.

Mark Richt has been finding vreative ways to motivate his team lately and I think they are headed for an SEC title. I bet the Bulldogs-7. Now, just for FUN, I made a small bet on Duke+7.5, at Notre Dame, I just don’t think the irish are ready to lay points. I also already bet Nevada +7.5,Arkansas-10,Air Force-11, UNC+10, Northwestern+14.5, along with  Mizzou-7, & Pitt+12.5.

Thursday Night Football

oregon ducks football

Did you see the HBO special on the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry? It’s not bad, check your local listings. We need more coaches like Woody Hayes, Bo, Frank Kush & Jim Owens. I’m sure I’m leaving some out, but I had coaches like that, and football is agame where a little butt kicking, passion and profanity can get results. Kids today think they call the shots. But I did learn that just as today, 50 years ago, college football was all about the coaches, It all trickles down from them.

Tonight, the Thursday Home cookin continues. Let’s see if Oregon can hang on and win the Pac 10. Lets see if the ducks can avoid the pressure of the looming BCS. Lets see if Arizona and Mike Stoops have any pride and any sack on national TV. I think they do, and they may not win, but they can keep it close. I bet the Wildcats at Caesars +13.

Monday Night Football

seattle seahawks

Wow, what looked to be a quiet football weekend, turned into a good one. The selections went 16-5 going into tonight. 3-1 yesterday.

Thoughts on the BCS: They say the SEC teams beat each other up, but so do the Pac 10 teams. LSU’s non conference schedule is as bad as Ohio State’s , Kansas, too, but the Jayhawks have a chance to close out strong, But each or at least one will lose a game.  LSU likely to lose to Georgia in the SEC championship.  I’m rooting for Kansas, but they have to show me the money against Mizzou and Oklahoma.

Hawaii won’t win out either they will lose one or 2 games, against Boise and/or Washington.

So it looks like Oklahoma-Oregon, they have the easiest path, BUT if they stumble as well, we may have to revisit Ohio State, ASU, WV,  all over again.

Tonight in The NFL, I already bet the Seahawks-9.  Seattle wins big. Wish I could be there.

Best ESPN College Gameday Signs- Williamstown, Mass.

espn signs williamstown

Division III ?  , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were at the Amherst-Williams game. The signs were just OK, compared to what we have seen so far. Not much to say really, these guys just were too busy studying. I did see the Gameday history stats, and it is no surprise that Ohio State has hosted the most shows, and that UF/FSU has been the most popular matchup. Corso went to FSU and Kirk to Ohio State, so no wonder they go to those schools the most. Want to bet they go to the Michigan -Buckeye game next week? BUT Back to the signs…What did this sign mean-, “Fluffhead”. Anyway, As in the photo,  The best sign was hard to read, but it did take up the whole screen at one time.

Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      EPHS  Sucks Pendulous Nipples  ( like a cow’s-get it?)

2.      More Cowbell

3.      Corso Come Back, We’re that desparate in Louisville

4.      The Amherst QB is a Virgin.

5.      BOO Hilary

6.      Georga Has ESPN-vy

7.      Corso is God

8.      Amworst Go Home

9.      Steele Loves Mark May

10. Best of D3: 1. Williams,  2. Notre Dame

11.  UGA, U R still gooder than Amherst

12.  EPH sports PWN Noobs

13.  Amherst belives in the theory of evolution

14.  EPHS bring the Funk

15.  UGA is Purple with Envy

16.  At least we’re Smart

17.  Fear the Cow

If I missed any good ones send em in!

Previous weeks signs:

NFL Sunday Week 10

mattel football overlay

Well, right here on friday, i called the upset alert for Ohio State, Michigan, Kansas, and BC. Why does LSU play Middle Tenn. State, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech? They say they are so much better than the Pac 10, then why don’t they play them? Why should nay BCS voter or computer put them in the title game , when they schedule teams like Louisiana tech in November?  Ohio State isn’t much better scheduling Youngstown State and Akron, instead of playing every team in its conference. Look at the schedule in the Pac 10 , like UW, USC and UCLA and Oregon play. The NCAA allowed an extra game, to accomplish playing all the teams in your conference or division, not to schedule Div 2, to  avoid getting a loss.  The BCS should require that all schools play every team in it’s conference, unless they have a championship game, and wins against non BCS eligible schools should count for half. I’m sorry but LSU has no right to complain, when they hardly leave the state, or time zone.

In the NFL , after going to the casino, I decided to stay aways from these games: DAL/NY , DET/AZ, &  PHI/WAS , there is are just better deals out here. SO I bet the Panthers-3, Jaguars+5.5, Rams+11.5, Browns+10.5.