Football Friday- Who Gets to the Bourbon Bowl?

Bourbon Bowl waterboy

2-0 last night, a good way to start the weekend. As I said , Brett Favre is No Troy Aikman. Troy won more games and more championships. He didn’t need to hurl hundreds of TD passes, because his team was rarely behind- Like the Packers. And They lost again in Dallas last night. IN the NFC it’s looking like the 90’s . The Packers cant beat the Cowboys, the Cowboys have trouble with west coast teams (Seattle now, SF in the 90’s), and the Seahawks have trouble with the Packers. It’s all going to come down to who plays who and when .

On Saturday, I have to think Army will give an effort, I bet the Cadets +14.5, Everybody in the world is taking Virginia Tech, but the Hokies have lost 3 straight to the Eagles. I bet Boston College+4.5, I won’t be surprised if Missouri wins, But Oklahoma is in familiar territory, and the tigers have had their heads in the #1 cloud all week. I bet the Sooners-3. The Wolfpack have been good to me all year, take Nevada-7, I also have Central Florida-7,  & Central Michigan -3 to win the MAC.

Moving to the Pac 10, Take Stanford+14, while up north, Oregon has not done well in November, but I think they have more talent, and getting them as +1 at home is to good. Jonathan Stewart has a good day, Ducks+ 1 is the play. I also don’t think Washington has anything left, Tyrone will be fired soon, and as much as I’m rooting against Hawaii, I have to bet the Rainbow Warriors -13.

I will check the numbers  on Saturday, if I get the right ones, I will get on the USC/UCLA game , Tenn/LSU, and AZ/ASU.

UPDATE : UCLA is getting too many points in this game , and although USC should win, I cant reccommend anyone lay 20 points, So I will take the +20.5 with UCLA. I have Arizona State-6.5, And in the SEC I will take Tennesse +7.5

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