Monday Night Football

monday football

First of all I need to remind everyone to bet Saturday’s games early, getting the right number is very important. Today on the strip, I already bet The Cowboys-6, for Thursday, and I  bet the Pitt panthers +29 against their rival West Virginia. The Packers will be coming in limping, and afraid of Dallas, and the Cowboys are just a better overall team, There is no way Brett Favre was ever better than Troy Aikman. Count the rings, and check the head the head matchups. Meanwhile in college,  The Mounties will be under all sorts of pressure and hype, and 4 TD’s may be too many. And I can’t  forget that killer performance at S. Fla.

The BCS is doing an excellent job sorting things out this year. My own opinion, is that USC and Georgia are playing the best football right now, but two losses are two losses. I also said at the beginning of the year That I though USC and Georgia should meet for the title. They play in the best conferences, whom beat each other up weekly. But they all know the drill, and they all know you can’t lose two games. So , I am predicting  Ohio State, I dont know who they will play, perhaps after this weekend, USC may be the best team left.

 The BCS is contolled  2/3 by the polls. If the voters wanted USC and Georgia, they just have to vote them 1-2, and vote the others below 10, and the polls can then manipulate the formula, so the teams you want come out on top. If Mizzou and West Virgina get voted 2oth, their stock falls in the formula.

Tonight in the NFL tonight, I can’t lay 2 TD’s in the rain- Unless it’s the Patriots. I will take the value with the Dolphins +16.5.

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