Daily Archives: November 24, 2007

NFL Sunday Week 12

nfl sunday betting

A wild saturday, 10-6-1 in college bets, thank the gods I bet the Bama game early in the week, what a piss poor effort. We will see if West Virginia can survive Pitt, and make it to the big game. Ohio state is lucky, they don’t have to play! I think it will be Ohio State-Mizzou in the end. Speaking of piss poor,  a sad day at the apple cup, OR WAS it? Now that Tyrone blew another game, the presssure will be on to Get Jim Mora jr as new Husky head coach!

Why does NBC have to become the Patriots network EVERY sunday night now we get Patriot games ?

 Today I bet the Bills +9.5, Vikings+7.5,  Texans+3,Bengals-3, Bucc’s (again) -3, Chiefs-4, I will give the Panthers one more shot+3 and the Seahawks-3, The Sea-Men are playing well, and will roll it up! For our Canadian Friends in the great white north, I will take Winnipeg, to win the Grey Cup.

Saturday Football Update Noon PST

Its a busy day, and a busy weekend on the strip, the tourists are throwing the betting lines out of whack, but there wrere some good values this morning. Clemson is deflated about not being in the ACC race, so I got South Carolina+3. Earlier this week, I already bet UCLA + 3 at Caesars, &  Georgia-3.

 Kansas can’t handle the pressure, Tigers win BIG, I bet Mizzou+2.5,  and Connecticut +21.5, Oklahoma State+14.