Why do we have to see this on ESPN?

kit hoover dana jacobson espn

When ESPN started its morning show”Cold Pizza” now called “First Take” it was fun, entertaining, and had Kit Hoover for us to look at. She was worth waking up to every morning. well, the show has gone through so many changes, Jay is the only original still on the show, he must be the only one to have a good agent and a good contract. I have tried to watch this show recently, but can’t get past this host Dana Jacobson. How did she get on TV? Is she related to someone who hires at ESPN? Whats with that hair style? Did she lose a bet with Jay? That’s the hair she has chosen? Really? ESPN Bottom Line: Kit Hoover is Hot… Dana, Not

Can we please get Kit Hoover back?

4 responses to “Why do we have to see this on ESPN?

  1. I agree. Cold Pizza was doing just fine until it was blown up in ’05. Thea Andrews worked with Kit until they both got fired, going on to host some “ESPN Hollywood” show that lasted about two seconds before it disappeared from the face of the Earth. I actually liked her a tad more than Kit but both of them…and the general tone of the show being about sports headlines and “other stuff,” but not what on “First Take” is now nothing more than 100% hard-core sports debate and arguing…was so much better.
    Dana doesn’t seem to be able to “loosen up” like the earlier ladies did, but then again, she was clearly brought in to make it a “sports talk” extension of SportsCenter, nothing more.

  2. You both are idiots, if you want to look at hot honey’s get the play boy channel, although Dana may not be Kit, She at least has a sports IQ, she has a great chemistry with jay

  3. Skip Bayless Olympia Comments: Is Skip Bayless communist? The US has a great swimming champion in Phelps and Skip makes him out to be a Chump! If I had the power to fire Skip Bayless I would. ESPN should clap their hands and applaud US Olympian Medalist not to downplay amazing accomplishments. What are we telling US Olympians hopefuls; Strive for eight gold medal so Skip Bayless will make you feel like a Chump on National TV? Fire Skip Bayless! His views are Anti-American!

  4. Sportsjesus, this link to Dana Jacobson’s “hottie page” proves nothing surprises me anymore. In my earlier comment, I wasn’t even interested in her, Kit or Thea’s looks anyway. She’s just not interesting to me. I don’t think she has chemistry with anyone, regardless of her appearance.

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