Monday Night Football

football freak

I am so glad , as I’m sure NBC is, that they FLEXED OUT of the Bears/Seahawks game, to give us that riveting game between the Patriots and Bills. Hey NBC, let me ask you some questions: You wanted that game? Really? You could have picked any other game and you chose that one? Really? You didn’t think the biggest favorite on the board would blow out the Bills? Really? You didn’t see it coming? Really? Good job, your boring telecast, with boring music, and sterile studio, vanilla Bob Costas, and bland delivery of highlights, is really making me wish ESPN was back on Sunday. Really.

In college football, the betting selections on this blog went 12-4 this past week, the NFL 5-0-1 into tonight, 17-4-1 for the weekend. So far this season all the picks listed are 227-96-7, or 70% for the year.

As for the Titans/Broncos, I think we should get an inspired Denver team to play well, while the Titans are probably thinking about turkey. It’s a short price to get with the Broncos, so I will take the home team -1.


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