Best Signs At Espn College Gameday- Ann Arbor

espn gameday signs ann arbor

What a surprise,  ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso,  Kirk Herbstreit, and Desmond Howard were at the Michigan-Ohio State game. Desmond finally got some love as they were ate HIS alma mater. There was plenty of Love for Des in the crowd as well. And in the spirit of the ’08 election, there was support for Ron Paul,  “Corso-Herbstreit ‘08” and the usual “Lou Holtz 4 Prethadent” 

 The Wazzu flag was flying high again, until someone burns it.  ( really, will someone shanghai that thing & burn it? )

The top two signs were very close to call 1-2, but they were the best of the bunch, and summed up the underlying theme of the day.  

Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      You Can’t Spell C_ck_ _cker without O S U

2.      We want a new Carr with Les Miles

3.      Only Buckeyes work at Home Depot

4.      Charlie Weiss ate Notre dame’s season.

5.      Mangino : 1 hot dog away from a coma

6.      Herbie sings “the Victors” in the shower

7.      Columbus Discovered losing

8.      Stop talking about Barry Bonds

9.      Beanie can’t read

10. Tressel has Q-Nips

11.  We can afford sleeves

12.  If you can read this you are not a Buckeye

13.  Desmond:  strike a pose

14.  Lee Corso looks good in a winged helmet

15.  Hasta La Vista BCS16.  Tressel: make me a sandwich17.  U of M is OSU’s Little brother18.  Corso You are my Boy Blue19. Suit Up Desmond20. Tressel watches “the View”

21.  Beanie Smells

22. We need frequent flier MiLES


24. Desmond walks on H2o

25. Texas hates Ohio State

If you saw any others that warrant a mention send them in, all in all the boys in Ann Arbor did a good job.

At the end of the season, I will rank ALL the best signs seen all year.

Previous weeks signs:


39 responses to “Best Signs At Espn College Gameday- Ann Arbor

  1. My favorite was “Jim Tressel Drinks Bubble Tea”

  2. Too bad “Little Brother” whipped the snot out of Michigan for the 4th straight time! That must sting a bit. As for Beanie Smells….he sure does. LIKE ROSES!!!!!!! Go BUCKS!!!!

  3. As the owner of the c_ck__cker sign, I’m glad you liked the sign.

    However, I’m sad to report that although the sign made it through the initial security check, it was confiscated by the local sheriff shortly after that TV appearance.

  4. Um, Buckeye_95, try again –

    It read “U of M is OSU’s Little brother”

  5. How did “Only Buckeyes work at Home Depot” make it past the sponsor watchdogs?

  6. Yinka Double Dare

    You missed “If you are a Buckeye you can’t read this”

  7. Hey Buckeye_95, your proof that OSU fans are idiots. The Sign read U of M is OSU’s little brother. That means Michigan is the little brother moron.

  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Buckeye_95, #17 says, “U of M is OSU’s Little brother. “(meaning michigan is the little brother) I’m glad they’re starting to teach you guys how to read down there, now just practice the comprehension part.

  9. Buckeye-That sign (17) clearly states the U of M is the little brother. But thank you for proving #12 right.

  10. Mangino can eat Weis

    Buckeye_95 is the embodiment of the reason why everyone hates OSU.

  11. Mike,

    That sign was written on the pre-fabricated signs that are available outside Gameday, so the only thing actually written on the sign was “Only Buckeyes work at”, with Home Depot’s logo at the bottom.

    Pretty darn clever.

  12. Hey, may favorite was the “Beanie can’t read” sign…because it was mine. But some security guard took it at liek 10:10, which was stupid, Beanie doesn’t know what it says, how could he be offended?

  13. formerlyanonymous

    I also had a

    “Tressel rhymes with Douche Bag”


    “OSU: Academically better than some SEC schools”

    didn’t make it on TV though.

  14. formerlyanonymous

    there were also

    “Tressel dates trannies” shirts somewhere, but I can’t claim to know who’s idea that was.

  15. Yeah, those signs were great. I got a kick out of them as well. Too bad that damn sweater vest owns our ass.

  16. Had “Ohio state: easier to beat than Appalachian State” t-shirts made. The reaction around the golf course was awesome- could’ve sold 5,000 of those things if we’d won.

    Evan, email me I have a t-shirt proposition for you.

  17. There was also “Tressel + Boeckman = 2girls1cup” which is foul and hilarious all at the same time.

  18. During the game, the inflatable dick bouncing around the north end zone that said “Tressel Loves Penises” was pretty awesome until it was confiscated.

  19. The funniest I saw was U of M goes Balls Deep, but those guys didnt get in, security said it was vulgar.

  20. How about some love for Western Michigan University? The Broncos traveled to Iowa City, and took the Hawkeyes out of the Bowl Game. The dominating victory was on live TV to boot, for those who actually are lucky enough to receive The Big Ten Network.

  21. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. what the hell does that mean?


  23. The #1 sign is the bestest.

  24. my personal favorite:

    “Welcome Ohio Inbreds”

  25. “Carr with Les Miles” is probably the most creative. Unfortunately (since I’m an LSU fan) they may get their wish after this season.

  26. Weird, I thought OSU won… again! Michigan sucks! Great signs though. At least you all are good at something.

  27. Personal Fav:
    “I’d rather have VD than Lauranitis”

  28. Live from the Lou


    By far, the best sign.

  29. Michigan the New (insert either Notre Dame or Nebraska)….

  30. Best sign from Gameday in Ann Arbor:

    K. DeGood

  31. How could you for get this one from LSU/Florida:
    “Tim Tebow loves Coach
    (It says “Tim Tebow love CUM” if my text formatting didn’t work right)
    I know its crude, but its still funny.

  32. Funny stuff. I am getting ready for the Iron Bowl down here. It was amazing that that stuff got on TV.

  33. Woody punches like a girl!! Saw it on a t-shirt

  34. Bitterwhite guy — that was my sign, haha (Tressel + Boeckman = 2guys1cup) — glad you got a kick out of it. It was my girlfriend’s idea and we made that one on the fly while we were tailgating.

    Our other one said : Greg Oden says, “I’m a man, I’m 40!”

  35. Some of those tressel shirts are at this funny t-shirt website i found.

  36. Hey, I have probably the most random sign yet the funniest. It was at the OSU vs. Florida game and was the best:

    Troy Smith loves Unicorns.

    That was freaking awesome.

  37. this sites hilarious considering that ohio state beats michigan just about every year
    who’s the one that really sucks cock
    by the way whats your past and present seasn records

  38. Great, kinda awesome theme. I am goin to write about it also.

  39. OSU #9:
    Most wins in college football history.
    Record over the fuckeyes 57-44-6.
    Oh, and you officially lost to Michigan last year. Congrats on the 7 (-1 for cheating) game mini-streak tho. Our streak is 9.

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