NFL Sunday Selections Week 11

football dummies

12-4 in the bets posted for saturday’s games. Today will be JUST as good!

I think it’s interesting that since 1978, only five schools have NOT scheduled a non-division I school in football. USC, UCLA, Washington, Michigan State, and Notre Dame. Three are pac 10 schools, you would never get an SEC school to stop scheduling cream puffs. the NCAA should mandate this for all BCS eligible schools. The Big Ten(11) should just play everyone in their conference, and NOT  APP state, etc. What a wild day yesterday, the Vols got lucky, and they have used up all their luck, I still say Georgia will play LSU in the SEC championship. ASU has a shot the rose bowl and the BCS champ. if they beat USC. there are allot of losses left to be had by several teams in the top 5. So who knows who will be in the championship game, but it better NOT be any team with TWO losses.

In the NFL Sunday, so far I bet the Vikings-4, Ravens+3, Bucc’s-3, Chiefs+15, Jets +10, 49ers+3, and Seahawks -5.


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