Monday Night Football

seattle seahawks

Wow, what looked to be a quiet football weekend, turned into a good one. The selections went 16-5 going into tonight. 3-1 yesterday.

Thoughts on the BCS: They say the SEC teams beat each other up, but so do the Pac 10 teams. LSU’s non conference schedule is as bad as Ohio State’s , Kansas, too, but the Jayhawks have a chance to close out strong, But each or at least one will lose a game.  LSU likely to lose to Georgia in the SEC championship.  I’m rooting for Kansas, but they have to show me the money against Mizzou and Oklahoma.

Hawaii won’t win out either they will lose one or 2 games, against Boise and/or Washington.

So it looks like Oklahoma-Oregon, they have the easiest path, BUT if they stumble as well, we may have to revisit Ohio State, ASU, WV,  all over again.

Tonight in The NFL, I already bet the Seahawks-9.  Seattle wins big. Wish I could be there.


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