Best ESPN College Gameday Signs- Williamstown, Mass.

espn signs williamstown

Division III ?  , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were at the Amherst-Williams game. The signs were just OK, compared to what we have seen so far. Not much to say really, these guys just were too busy studying. I did see the Gameday history stats, and it is no surprise that Ohio State has hosted the most shows, and that UF/FSU has been the most popular matchup. Corso went to FSU and Kirk to Ohio State, so no wonder they go to those schools the most. Want to bet they go to the Michigan -Buckeye game next week? BUT Back to the signs…What did this sign mean-, “Fluffhead”. Anyway, As in the photo,  The best sign was hard to read, but it did take up the whole screen at one time.

Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      EPHS  Sucks Pendulous Nipples  ( like a cow’s-get it?)

2.      More Cowbell

3.      Corso Come Back, We’re that desparate in Louisville

4.      The Amherst QB is a Virgin.

5.      BOO Hilary

6.      Georga Has ESPN-vy

7.      Corso is God

8.      Amworst Go Home

9.      Steele Loves Mark May

10. Best of D3: 1. Williams,  2. Notre Dame

11.  UGA, U R still gooder than Amherst

12.  EPH sports PWN Noobs

13.  Amherst belives in the theory of evolution

14.  EPHS bring the Funk

15.  UGA is Purple with Envy

16.  At least we’re Smart

17.  Fear the Cow

If I missed any good ones send em in!

Previous weeks signs:


6 responses to “Best ESPN College Gameday Signs- Williamstown, Mass.

  1. That link should better explain fluffhead


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  3. What an awful idea for College Gameday, Bad Decision.

  4. hahaha “fear the cow” was awesome

  5. jay The Most Hated

    fluffhead is a phish song douches


    Douches! nice one.

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