NFL Sunday Week 10

mattel football overlay

Well, right here on friday, i called the upset alert for Ohio State, Michigan, Kansas, and BC. Why does LSU play Middle Tenn. State, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech? They say they are so much better than the Pac 10, then why don’t they play them? Why should nay BCS voter or computer put them in the title game , when they schedule teams like Louisiana tech in November?  Ohio State isn’t much better scheduling Youngstown State and Akron, instead of playing every team in its conference. Look at the schedule in the Pac 10 , like UW, USC and UCLA and Oregon play. The NCAA allowed an extra game, to accomplish playing all the teams in your conference or division, not to schedule Div 2, to  avoid getting a loss.  The BCS should require that all schools play every team in it’s conference, unless they have a championship game, and wins against non BCS eligible schools should count for half. I’m sorry but LSU has no right to complain, when they hardly leave the state, or time zone.

In the NFL , after going to the casino, I decided to stay aways from these games: DAL/NY , DET/AZ, &  PHI/WAS , there is are just better deals out here. SO I bet the Panthers-3, Jaguars+5.5, Rams+11.5, Browns+10.5.


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