Saturday Football Update

Well its early morning here in Vegas, and I bet Wisconsin, which is now +17,at the MGM, and Virginia +1.5 at Leroys, and Iowa+2.5, at Caesars Palace I can get Arizona State +9 at Caesars Palace, and I will get more by game time…Its all about value, and there is more value in getting points than laying too many. The Sun Devils can win this game straight up. I also got  Michigan-3 at the Hilton & Navy+3.5

As much as I would love to see Alabama take out LSU, I have a hard time passing up the chance to bet the Tigers -6.5, even -6 at Caesars palace. As game time comes closer, I will be taking this one.

3:30 pm update: I can get ASU + 9.5 at Leroys and other spots, when the line goes to +10, I’ll bet the Sun Devils.Booty is Back, so is USC, I bet the Trojans-15, and I like San Diego State + 4.5


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