Best Signs at ESPN Gameday Eugene II, The Devil Invades Autzen

espn college gameday signs

This week , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were in Eugene- AGAIN, which is amazing, they hate the west coast, but the signs were better last time . Some dudes brought the same signs. The reason the sign in the photo made it to # 1, was it is not only funny, but it escaped the sign police, and was on screen during the high point of the show, when Lee makes his pick.  Excellent job my man!

What is up with Erin Andrews? Does she have beer flavored nipples? Why does every dude want to marry her?( “Erin Andrews will you marry me?”)

The usual stuff was also seen, Corso for president, etc, dudes for heisman, the wazzu flag, “Boston College Sucks”, some anonymous phone numbers. Some environmentalist wackos asking to tackle climate change. Some stalker STILL loves Sierra. Of course the beavers still suck, and Gameday still hates Corvallis. Signs that didnt make sense of the week:” War matress tard going bankrupt” & “1455 meet me at Rennies, -1832″ It was dark for the first hour, that didn’t make it easy, but here they are:

The best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:

1.      It Burns when Sparky Pees.

2.      Ducked from behind

3.      Herbie You came back for me!

4.      All Ducked up on Quack

5.      www. FireTom

6.      We got Gameday again?

7.      Quacktown USA, the real SEC west

8.      Someone give Lou Holtz a pep talk.

9.      Addicted to Quack. 

10. The Duck could beat up Sparky.

11.  You Can’t handle the spread

12.  Board: $2.00, Giant Sharpie: $1.50, Stick: $3.00, Berg on TV: priceless

13.   (503) 740-0748 Hates the SEC, C YA Shuval

14.  Hell is nothing compared to Autzen.

15.  Lee bleeds Green & Yellow

16.  I guess I’m not as good as I thought I was-Rudy Carpenter

17.  Corso is Face of evil

18.  Screamin Green Yellow O

19.  Game Face Baby! ( with pic of a baby)

20. My Wife calls me Kirk

21.  , OKC ? Not on my watch

22. “A S who?”

23. Lee Corso’s top 5: #1 Oregon, 2-5, who cares, he got #1 right

24. I know Master Nitty

 25.  127 Decibels lives here ( should be “live here”, oh well, no accounting for UO’s english standards) 

Well, send in any I couldn’t see on Tv,  and sorry ASU, you guys blew your chance.


5 responses to “Best Signs at ESPN Gameday Eugene II, The Devil Invades Autzen

  1. Re: “-1455- meet me at rennies -1832-“- Neil Everett is a member of Beta Theta Pi at Oregon and his chapter number is 1455. 1832 is a current member, and Rennie’s is a local bar which was around in Neil’s day.

  2. “WAR Matress Tard going Bankrupt” refers to a clash of Clones on the Jim Rome Show…. Mike From Witchitard sells matresses ….

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  4. War Fire That’s a pretty cool site. Hansen’s one of the a-holes preventing us from experiencing a playoff, so let’s fire him. I have a sick feeling that Oregon’s going to get screwed…

  5. My sign couldnt get into the pit beacuse it was too big, “In Eugene we smoke the Herb-streit” with pot leaves on it

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