Saturday College Football, Game of the Year?

Interjection football schoolhouse rockInterjection football schoolhouse rockinterjection schoolhouse rock

interjection schoolhouse rockOregon hosts Arizona State, in which may be the game of the year, at least so far…I’m sure some SEC fans will fond a way to have a game of the year between a couple of two loss teams, or three loss teams. Maybe later Kansas-Oklahoma will be good. Ohio State-Michigan in 3 weeks. We will have to wait.  I still don’t believe Oregon is unbeatable at home, they are only 60% there. The wet weather could slow them down. ASU is no slouch, and will give them a good game. The line is over inflated, it should be 3, and its not, I will get the best value I can and bet this Game Saturday, so far I have the Sun Devils +8.5 ( at LeRoys),  Florida-15, Toledo-8,New Mexico State+5, Arkansas-5,Boston College-6, Nebraska+21, UCLA-1, and Cal-14.

Check for Updates Saturday.


One response to “Saturday College Football, Game of the Year?

  1. One hell of a game Saturday. Oregon owns Arizona St, though.

    Yet another crazy week for College Football. BC looses.

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