It’s all about Saban This Saturday

saban alabama god

It will be all about Saban this week, will he be the savior for Alabama and the BCS? If Bama wins, LSU is out, the question is can the tide roll over the tigers? Well, on paper its doubtful, but LSU hasn’t been running up any score lately, so the tide may have a chance if they don’t make mistakes. This will be a test for Saban. He has to get Bama to believe they can win, for 60 minutes.

The NBA marathon has begun, and is anyone watching ? Where was the big “Tip-Off” celebration on TV, like the NFL has? Would anyone have noticed? Only 6 months to go till the play-offs.

Tonight we have Thursday College Football, The Home teams have been giving their best effort all year, just for fun, I bet Georgia Tech-2. The BIG college Football Bets will be released Friday, and the picks on this blog are 70% on the year.

Andy Reid is in the news, I found this:


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