Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday-Happy Valley

ESPN college gameday penn state

This week , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were in Happy Valley, to see Penn State lose to Ohio State.  The signs were pretty good. Som I REALLY wanted to read, cut could not make them out, so if anyone was there or has photos of good signs send them in. I wanted to see the Tedford sign , something about his vest, but it looked like it might be good. The best theme this week was the “nuts” and  Laurinaitis. I also liked that the troops were not forgotten:” Matthew : wish you were here , be safe in Iraq.”I saw the Wazzu flag, but the Vtech flag was missing, maybe because they got lost to BC. Why are people putting up phone numbers with no reason? Dudes, give us a reason to call. And this makes no sense : “Finkle is Einhorn”  Or ” I miss Lauer”.I didn’t see a web site ad, but saw this:” Rush SN

Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:    

  1. I slept with a stranger and got Laurinaitis  ( also: “Hey Ohio State: your sister gave me Laurinaitis”)
  2. Mark May wears Penn State pajamas
  3. Was Troy Smith Drafted Yet?
  4. We’re gonna crack your nuts ( also “PSU busts the Nuts”)
  5. Maurice Clarett stole my wallet
  6. I Can’t Even See !
  7. Get well Goulet, PS, Ohio State sucks
  8. Sue Pa is Hot
  9. I’m cute I love football, Give me a job
  10. Corso/Herbie ’08 , sorry Colbert 
  11. Watch out OSU, Paterno is behind the wheel
  12. True or False: Corso collects Cabbage Patch Dolls
  13. Jim Tressel drinks wine coolers
  14. Buckeyes are sackless nuts
  15. Chris Wells is the purple teletubby
  16. Hey Mom, I’m already Drunk, send money
  17. I came 4 GameDay, my wife came 4 Kirk.
  18. U cant spell BCS without BC
  19. TKE off probation Jan. ’08   ( good job guys!)
  20. Marry Me Chris Fowler, I’m already wearing white.
  21. You’ve got a friend in Pa. unless you are from Ohio State.
  22. The Devil wears a sweater vest
  23. OSU plays leap frog with unicorns and likes it.
  24. Ohio State is Garbage
  25. Tressel is a cheat

If Ohio State would have lost , these would have been good “trick or treat : lose your seat “( at being #1) or “The Bucks stop here” 

I hear the gang is going BACK to Eugene, to see the ducks play ASU. Wow, 2 trips to Oregon? I would have thought they would go to Kansas, or Alabama.

previous weeks signs;

3 responses to “Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday-Happy Valley

  1. “13. Jim Tressel drinks wine coolers”

    For some reason I see him drinking Zima.

  2. My favorite was “Dan Connor’s a man, he 40”

  3. I was at game day. Some of the best signs you didn’t see:

    Pick on Connor, he’s a man, he’s 40

    Maurice Clarett pumped my gas

    Even without 33, we’ll still rape OSU (sign police took it down)

    It’s always “take your son to work day” at PSU

    Tressel killed Barbaro

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