Oregon Ducks Not Tough at Home

autzen stadium eugene

When it comes to Oregon, the media has a very short memory. I lived in the NW during the 70’s and 80’s , and I can tell you with certainty that Autzen Stadium is not a tough place to play football. If it was so hard to win there how come Oregon had a losing record AT HOME from 1967 to 1990?

Yes they won 23 straight in the late 90’s, but that was just because of Joey Harrington, and racking up wins against non-BCS teams. 

 The Oregon Ducks have only a 61% winning record at Autzen overall.  That’s not exactly very intimidating.  So let’s stop this nonsense. In The Pac Ten, the home win percentages  favor UW- where the stadium  is louder, Wazzu’s is colder and harder to get too, and its real HOT in Tempe.

In the same time frame since Autzen was built, USC, UW, and UCLA have higher win percentages at home, than UO. There I said it.

2 responses to “Oregon Ducks Not Tough at Home

  1. They have absolutely owned opponents since the renovation in 1995.. THAT is the difference. That place is now the loudest place in college football (since 1995 at least)

    • i dont belive it was the RENOVATION… it had more to do with Joey harrington nand Bellotti taking advantage of UW probation and getting better players. that brought more fans and more noise, but oregon was never tough for 30 years and Husky stadium is still much louder

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