Thursday Football 10.25.2007

youth football thursday

Has the world series started yet? Why will they still be playing baseball in November. They should have this done by September. Knock the season down to 100 games and start playing off in September. Honestly, do they need 162 games to decide a season ? Really ? 162 games? Good gods. and seven games to decide a series? REALLY? Why not just play all your best guys and pitchers in ONE game. Maybe 3 , but 7, Really? No wonder its a dying baby boomer sport.

Thanks to the gods we have football tonight. I have to say that Home teams have been incredible on Thursdays this season. That’s EVERY Thursday so far. Still , Boston College is really the better team, Vtech gets lucky allot, and BC has had week off. I’ve got good information about the Eagles, and getting 4 points is too good to pass up. I bet BC +4.

Air Force has been playing well all season, they are well coached, and the Falcons are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 conference games. And 11-4 as a road dog of 3-10,The Lobos are 1-4 in the last 5 as a home fav of  3-10. The line should be 3, I bet the Falcons +7.5.

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