Colin Cowherd Now Picks BOTH sides of games

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This is Espn’s Colin Cowherd, here pictured with either A) a fan, B) his ex wife, or c) the woman he left his wife for. This whiny voiced radio host, thinks he is better than everyone else. Especially if you don’t live in a city , or suburb. Recently he went on to insult 90% of the USA, saying if  Whole Foods is not in your town, it means you have no class.

Now , The Shrutebag is picking BOTH sides of a game. Its not even a old person mistake, like when Lou Holtz does it, he does it on purpose. Prior to this week, he Picked Kentucky to upset Florida. Today he picks Florida to win big. No integrity at all. He flip flops often. ( and mis pronounces the word “often”). His last big upset pick Purdue over Notre Dame, they weren’t even an underdog!,, His other upset pick this week? Texas A&m OVER Nebraska.


7 responses to “Colin Cowherd Now Picks BOTH sides of games

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  2. colins nostrils make him seem related to Henry Waxman, good god he has hippo nostrils !

  3. The woman in the picture is Amanda, his producer.

  4. Yeah, it may be his producer, but I bet he’s hittin’ that. She’d be okay if she bought some tits.

  5. you guys are all losers, get a life. if you don’t like something just ignore it rather than sounding like 4th graders.

  6. Well, as a matter of fact, if Wholefoods isn’t in your town, your town does have no class.

  7. Cowherd is one ugly mofo!

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