ESPN College Gameday Signs in Baton Rouge

 espn gameday signs

 Here are the best signs seen on ESPN College Gameday, this past saturday:

as usual the Wazzu flag was seen, ( barely)

1.      Somebody call Campbell & wake him Up 318-332-8712

2.      Tebow Loves Middleton Bathrooms

3.    Don’t Tase me Bro ( there were several taser themed signs)

4.      Do You smell corndogs?

5.      Mangino’s front Butt says”I’m a Man” “I’m 40”

6.      Tony Joyner Stole my car

7.      OH Sweet Baby Jesus

8.      Throw Holtz in a Home

9.      Glenn Dosey has two speeds: walk & kill

10.      You mess with Dorsey – You mess with Death

11. Eric V Loves Creed 586-601-6361

12.  F U S C  – Geaux Tigers

13.  Tebow wears Jorts

14.  UF- University Of Felons

15.  Florida Wins- Now that’s an Urban Legend

16.  USC who?

17.  Seperated at birth  Lou Holtz & Sylvester cat

18.  Dorsey eats Tebown steaks

19.  Lou Holtz is a magician 

20.   Call me 225-202-0643   

     There were several signs this week with phone numbers, one sign I couldn’t make out referencing KU, Guacamole, Kstate and Wade Boggs. and one marriage proposal for Shea Patin ( ?)

 Cant wait for next week. I really want to see some signs that get on the air, and then get removed by police.

UPDATE: the gang will be in Norman, Oklahoma, sooner fans I want your best effort. SEE the NORMAN, OK signs from Oct 13, here:

Last weeks, Oregon signs :

Tuscaloosa Signs:

11 responses to “ESPN College Gameday Signs in Baton Rouge

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  2. How about ” OJ Did it?”

  3. thanks for ranking me number 1 , that is what he gets for not making the game.

    thanks Josh and Kenny

  4. A lot of… “interesting signs” to say the least. Nice observation – who were they referencing with the phone #?

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  6. did anyone actually call kenny and wake him up??

  7. Hey its Campbell, yes the The Campbell. I received over 500 calls from all over the US. Thanks everyone, this helped me get my momentum going for my presidential campaign. Look for more signs with my name. Website coming soon.

  8. How many signs get taken down usually? I was at GameDay in 2005 at Boston College with a sign that said “ESPN: Every Seminole is on Parole for Narcotics.” Yeah, it got removed.

  9. someone find out if this girl, Shea , accepted the proposal,

  10. i can’t believe you didn’t include

    “Tebow <3’s Coach Urban Meyer”

    (the C, the U and the M were large and bold. figure it out)

  11. The Tebow wears jorts sign is mine! Ahh so proud!

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