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Monday Night Football


Excellent game last night , the Bears turned in the effort we wanted, and showed me the money! Tonight is a tough game again, as the easy thing to do is take the Cowboys-12, on the other hand , we are still getting a home team , with rabid fans who havent been on Monday Night in 13 years, getting plenty of points to keep it close. And a Rookie QB.  Whats going to be the main factor? Mistakes. I fear the cowboys will not be that jacked up, and could make mistakes that keep the bills in this game. Bills+12

ESPN College Gameday Signs in Baton Rouge

 espn gameday signs

 Here are the best signs seen on ESPN College Gameday, this past saturday:

as usual the Wazzu flag was seen, ( barely)

1.      Somebody call Campbell & wake him Up 318-332-8712

2.      Tebow Loves Middleton Bathrooms

3.    Don’t Tase me Bro ( there were several taser themed signs)

4.      Do You smell corndogs?

5.      Mangino’s front Butt says”I’m a Man” “I’m 40”

6.      Tony Joyner Stole my car

7.      OH Sweet Baby Jesus

8.      Throw Holtz in a Home

9.      Glenn Dosey has two speeds: walk & kill

10.      You mess with Dorsey – You mess with Death

11. Eric V Loves Creed 586-601-6361

12.  F U S C  – Geaux Tigers

13.  Tebow wears Jorts

14.  UF- University Of Felons

15.  Florida Wins- Now that’s an Urban Legend

16.  USC who?

17.  Seperated at birth  Lou Holtz & Sylvester cat

18.  Dorsey eats Tebown steaks

19.  Lou Holtz is a magician 

20.   Call me 225-202-0643   

     There were several signs this week with phone numbers, one sign I couldn’t make out referencing KU, Guacamole, Kstate and Wade Boggs. and one marriage proposal for Shea Patin ( ?)

 Cant wait for next week. I really want to see some signs that get on the air, and then get removed by police.

UPDATE: the gang will be in Norman, Oklahoma, sooner fans I want your best effort. SEE the NORMAN, OK signs from Oct 13, here: https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2007/10/13/best-signs-seen-on-espn-college-gameday-norman/

Last weeks, Oregon signs : https://footballjesus.wordpress.com/2007/09/30/best-signs-at-espn-college-gameday-2/

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