NFL Sunday Betting week 5

 charlie brown football

Well, I told you this would be a good weekend  for many home teams in college football.  Our Tennessee, WSU, Ore st, Wyo Maryland, MIzzou, UNC, Illinois, Penn  State,  plays were all  made with this in mind, some of our road dogs won ( Fla, VTech, ) some like vandy lost . Texas wasn’t technically on the road, but they still got me the money.

 My big favorites USC and UCLA  obviously were horrible selections, these teams just don’t focus against lower competition,  I have to apologize for these picks. Still a good day overall, 13-3-1.

Last week in the NFL we had a 6-1, week, with a good play on the Seahawks late, and an ugly win by the Giants. This week, in the NFL I’m taking the Jets+3.5,  49ers+3.5, Seahawks+7, Buccaneers+10.5, contact me for the Packers/Bears, later.

 UPDATE: I got the Bears at plus 4.5 tonight, I know the whole world has the Packers , but my info does not point to a blow out by GB, the Bears can win this game and should at least keep it close.


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