Daily Archives: October 4, 2007

College Football Betting

charlie brown football

I am actually on the road scouting thursday and friday, but what I know so far has me taking South Carolina tonight-3. Home teams on off nights, like thurs and Fri have been tough to beat.

On Saturday I’m all over Missouri-6.5 already, Wyoming-3, North Carolina+7.5, Vandy+7.5 , Illinois-2,, Oregon State-4, contact me saturday for the info on GA/Tenn, Gtech/MD, Iowa/PN st, Ohio st/Purdue. My sources say UCLA blows out Notre Dame Big time, lay the 20. Wazzu+10 may have achance to stay close to ASU, but I wont pull the trigger on this till I get more info on my road trip. Check back Saturday.

 More updates Saturday..

UPDATE: Wyoming is now at -2, or 2.5, and the Mizzou game is at -6.