Daily Archives: October 3, 2007

Baseball Playoff Predictions

baseball betting

I’m NOT a baseball bettor. I make winning picks in FOOTBALL, and they are like over 75%, you can go back and see all the picks here on this blog. BUT everyone wants my predictions anyway.

FIRST I will predict that these baseball playoffs, and World Series will be one of the bottom three LOWEST rated , least watched EVER. The TV ratings have been dropping for the past few years, and that will continue , until they reach NBA and NHL status. So for the few who actually have the time to watch these MARATHON play-off games,I warn you- each game will take over 4 hours.

Prediction 2 : There will be at least 2 games that go OVER 5 hours, probabaly lasting past midnight on the east coast.

Prediction 3. The Yankees beat the Injuns, The Angels take out the Sox, The Rockies top the Phillies, and the The D-backs send the Cubs home.

Im NOT a baseball bettor,and I don’t reccommend it, its boring and old sport for baby booomers, stay with Football, I will have more winning picks later this week. ( hint: Mizzou)