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Links of the week- Fire Tyrone T-shirts

  alabama gump

LSU Bama Preview:

Check out this Mini Jim Tressel:

Jim Mora Jr should be new coach at U-Dub:  

Or check out other coaches on the hot seat:

Fire Ty, and Hire Jim T-shirts:

TYrone willingham

Monday Night Football Packers-Broncos

MOnday Night Football

Thank the gods baseball is over. If I were the NFL, I would keep my sunday night games on against baseball, and let the viewers decide what to watch. Force baseball to wrap up their season and crwon a champ  in September. They have all summer to play , and should be in play-offs by Labor day. Not a good day for the dogs in the NFL Sunday, Still, a winning week over all, including our big day Saturday. too bad we won’t get any funny comments from Jimmy Kimmel in the booth:>1=10539

 In the NFL tonight I bet The Broncos-3.

Broncos Denver

Best Signs at ESPN College Gameday-Happy Valley

ESPN college gameday penn state

This week , ESPN, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit were in Happy Valley, to see Penn State lose to Ohio State.  The signs were pretty good. Som I REALLY wanted to read, cut could not make them out, so if anyone was there or has photos of good signs send them in. I wanted to see the Tedford sign , something about his vest, but it looked like it might be good. The best theme this week was the “nuts” and  Laurinaitis. I also liked that the troops were not forgotten:” Matthew : wish you were here , be safe in Iraq.”I saw the Wazzu flag, but the Vtech flag was missing, maybe because they got lost to BC. Why are people putting up phone numbers with no reason? Dudes, give us a reason to call. And this makes no sense : “Finkle is Einhorn”  Or ” I miss Lauer”.I didn’t see a web site ad, but saw this:” Rush SN

Here are the best signs that I COULD SEE & read on TV:    

  1. I slept with a stranger and got Laurinaitis  ( also: “Hey Ohio State: your sister gave me Laurinaitis”)
  2. Mark May wears Penn State pajamas
  3. Was Troy Smith Drafted Yet?
  4. We’re gonna crack your nuts ( also “PSU busts the Nuts”)
  5. Maurice Clarett stole my wallet
  6. I Can’t Even See !
  7. Get well Goulet, PS, Ohio State sucks
  8. Sue Pa is Hot
  9. I’m cute I love football, Give me a job
  10. Corso/Herbie ’08 , sorry Colbert 
  11. Watch out OSU, Paterno is behind the wheel
  12. True or False: Corso collects Cabbage Patch Dolls
  13. Jim Tressel drinks wine coolers
  14. Buckeyes are sackless nuts
  15. Chris Wells is the purple teletubby
  16. Hey Mom, I’m already Drunk, send money
  17. I came 4 GameDay, my wife came 4 Kirk.
  18. U cant spell BCS without BC
  19. TKE off probation Jan. ’08   ( good job guys!)
  20. Marry Me Chris Fowler, I’m already wearing white.
  21. You’ve got a friend in Pa. unless you are from Ohio State.
  22. The Devil wears a sweater vest
  23. OSU plays leap frog with unicorns and likes it.
  24. Ohio State is Garbage
  25. Tressel is a cheat

If Ohio State would have lost , these would have been good “trick or treat : lose your seat “( at being #1) or “The Bucks stop here” 

I hear the gang is going BACK to Eugene, to see the ducks play ASU. Wow, 2 trips to Oregon? I would have thought they would go to Kansas, or Alabama.

previous weeks signs;

NFL Sunday Week 8

nfl electric football

Great day in college football, Despite USC’s collapse, I picked GA to win the SEC pre season, and beating Florida , they still have a shot. the college picks went 11-2-1, and here are my bets in the NFL:

I bet the Rams+3.5, Bengals +3.5, Panthers+7, Patriots-17,Dolphins+9, and 49ers +3.

Saturday Football Update

3:30 pm update:

Actually I’m going to a halloween party, so they better have the CAl/ASU game on TV. Cal’s best win was at Oregon, and it took a duck fumble on the goal line to give the game to the Bears. I have seen ASU win after being behind to Colorado, FSU ,UDub, they know how to come back, if they get behind. Dennis Erickson is doing a great job, while Cal has lost it’s focus since losing it’s first game.  The situation does not favor Cal, Golden Bears are 1-4 ATS in their last 5 road games, 1-6 ATS in their last 7 games on grass, and 0-5 after a bye. The Sun Devils are rolling, I bet ASU-3.

I also bet Ohio State, now only -3 . Buckeyes are 7-0 ATS in their last 7 road games vs. a team with a winning home record. 7-1 ATS in their last 8 games as a road favorite of less than 3 , 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games in October & Buckeyes are 9-2 ATS in their last 11 road games, including 8-2 ATS last 10 games as a road favorite. While PSU is 1-4 ATS last 5  as a dog.

Good signs on the gameday show, come back Sunday as the top 25 will be posted.

 Check this out, and tell me if Tyrone should not be fired again :

Saturday College Football Betting

football jack black

2-0 to start the week on Thursday,  We won Monday night , so we are rolling!

The game of the year in college football ( so far) is USC/ORE, I’ll take USC+3 at Oregon. I’m also on UCLA-6 at Wazzu. Iowa  State+27, Miami-OH+14.5, Pitt+10, Georgia+8.5, Oregon State-13,  Wisconsin-8,Iowa+3, & South Carolina+3.

 More Updates on Saturday.

Oregon Ducks Not Tough at Home

autzen stadium eugene

When it comes to Oregon, the media has a very short memory. I lived in the NW during the 70’s and 80’s , and I can tell you with certainty that Autzen Stadium is not a tough place to play football. If it was so hard to win there how come Oregon had a losing record AT HOME from 1967 to 1990?

Yes they won 23 straight in the late 90’s, but that was just because of Joey Harrington, and racking up wins against non-BCS teams. 

 The Oregon Ducks have only a 61% winning record at Autzen overall.  That’s not exactly very intimidating.  So let’s stop this nonsense. In The Pac Ten, the home win percentages  favor UW- where the stadium  is louder, Wazzu’s is colder and harder to get too, and its real HOT in Tempe.

In the same time frame since Autzen was built, USC, UW, and UCLA have higher win percentages at home, than UO. There I said it.

Thursday Football 10.25.2007

youth football thursday

Has the world series started yet? Why will they still be playing baseball in November. They should have this done by September. Knock the season down to 100 games and start playing off in September. Honestly, do they need 162 games to decide a season ? Really ? 162 games? Good gods. and seven games to decide a series? REALLY? Why not just play all your best guys and pitchers in ONE game. Maybe 3 , but 7, Really? No wonder its a dying baby boomer sport.

Thanks to the gods we have football tonight. I have to say that Home teams have been incredible on Thursdays this season. That’s EVERY Thursday so far. Still , Boston College is really the better team, Vtech gets lucky allot, and BC has had week off. I’ve got good information about the Eagles, and getting 4 points is too good to pass up. I bet BC +4.

Air Force has been playing well all season, they are well coached, and the Falcons are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 conference games. And 11-4 as a road dog of 3-10,The Lobos are 1-4 in the last 5 as a home fav of  3-10. The line should be 3, I bet the Falcons +7.5.

Monday Night Football

colts nfl indianapolis

Well, a successfull Sunday, my best bet ( Seahawks) won big, so did the Broncos, and we came out ahead by five games over the weekend. The football bets on this blog are still at 70% for the year.

The 2nd most popular pick this week in Vegas, is the Jaguars ( that is pronounced Ja-Guars, NOT Jag-Wires).

The first most popular pick was the Steelers. Anyway its a bargain to get the Colts -3.  Someone wanted my World Series pick. I don’t do baseball, But Ive been 50-50 in the play offs series. I will take the Rockies to win it all.

More Signs from College Gameday

Some of these weren’t seen on TV ( barely maybe) but They deserve a tip of the hat, photos courtesy of Very Good.

gameday signs Kentucky

kentucky gameday espn

kentucky football signs