Saturday Betting Update from Las Vegas

Allot of bad money is coming in on Oregon State, while my sources point to a UCLA outright win , Im taking the Bruins +3.  With their receivers back, Texas can have a big day vs KState, they are a bargain -14 at the MGM. AND Louisville is only -8 at the LV Hilton, I’ll be on the Cards.  Good job on those who called in and emailed for this mornings info on Air Force+3, Colorado +22& North Carolina+18., Ive got the winners of Oregon/Cal  and info on the Gtech/Clemson game so contact me directly.

UPDATE: I got some information on the FSU/Bama game, contact me , or I’ll try and post it later…Florida is also going to be a bet tonight -17, and I already bet Maryland +20, and New Mexico +5 .Never thought the Buffs could actually win, but they did have the right game plan & catching the sooners sleeping, looking ahead.

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