Daily Archives: September 28, 2007

Football Friday Betting Picks

1960 washington huskies

 This week the Washington Huskies honor their 1960 National Championship Team. They will wear old jersey colors from 1960, but the sleeves and material will be from 2007-meaning short and tight instead of the loose fit, and they wont be made of wool. Too bad.That would look cool.

 Tonight I’m on West Virginia-6, buying the half point at the Las Vegas Hilton.

More picks for Saturday coming up later, the information we get is really paying off, so contact me directly for the best information on any game .

UPDATE :  On Saturday I’m Taking Illinois+3.5, Wisconsin-6.5, Nevada-3, and UDub +21.5 hosting USC. in honor of the 1960 team the dogs may only lose 19-6.0, or maybe they WIN 19-6 !

I may have some more live from the vegas strip, tommorrow, as late information comes in, contact me by phone or email for the best winning picks!