Daily Archives: September 22, 2007

Saturday Football Betting Update

ANOTHER winner last night on Oklahoma, gives us a 2-0 start on this weeks college action,  Big things going on here in Vegas. Im going to give ND another shot , take the Irish +10.5.

Im making a small play on the Air Force now + 14.5 , as the info on that game says  the Falcons can make it close.  Some big money is also coming in on the AZ/Cal game, contact me for that too , before game time.

There is GOOD money on Ohio State, a prominent bettor I know gave me the tip , take the Buckeyes, -22. There is bad money pouring in on Oregon , that game has lost all value, the line is up to 18, and will get close to 21 by game time , so I’m staying off that one, But you must get the ASU -Game NOW at -11, before that line climbs up by tonight and loses value.  

I will also have people at the Ga/Alabama,  games plus Udub/UCLA , Iowa/Wisconsin, and Ark/KY, ,.. we will have the latest info to get the WIN at the window. so contact me by phone ….Those who did this morning got Clemson-7, Illinois+2.5, AND Army +28.5.  

 A game to watch under the radar Toledo +3.5 vs Iowa St. The clones only really get up to play the hawkeyes.

 The information we get is priceless, and its getting us winning selections. Thanks to all the disciples who got us the info we needed! 

Big games tonight coming… and we will have the NFL picks overnight, so check back for those!

 LATE UPDATE: I just got the call from L.A. and I have news about the USC/Wazzu game , I cant print it here, But USC will likely roll big. Lay the 25. Trojans run it up and cover.