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Football Friday Betting Picks

football friday

Another big winner last night, we are 1-0 to start the week. Last week including Monday ( where everyone took the Eagles, except us) 25-11-1, for the week, Making us 71-25-3 on the year,  for over 73 % going into last night, not bad.

Lets keep it up with tonight’s small play on Oklahoma-23,  they are in the hunt for the BCS and need to score as many as possible, and they will.

On Saturday,  the picks are  Ole Miss +24.5., Michigan +3.5, Syracuse+38,  Maryland+4.5, and Georgia Tech -4.

I have some BIG underdog plays in the later games , so Check back for Saturday’s updates or those who are insiders can call me directly for the best picks, we have some awesome information ( especially on Illinois/Indiana) and will have another BIG saturday.

Any game you need info on,  I’ll have the best play for you.