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Sunday NFL football Picks

nfl football picks

Saturday went 13-7-1 ( thanks for the push  bama, you blew the big lead) , including the game of the day USC-10, thumping Nebraska, those who called in late for the New Mexico +10, and the Hawaii -16, game right here in vegas cashed in s well. I saw this coming all week, looking at UNLV and paying attention to sources…The information we are gettting week to week is paying off. So Good day on Saturday, and Sunday will be even better, I have the picks for every game, again, but here are four:

 Bills+10.5, Titans+7.5, Buccaneers+ 4.5, and 49ers +3.5, more later check for updates! or Contact me personally!

UPDATE: in the late games today, we have three big ones, including the The patriots-4, and the VIKINGS + 3.5 !