Daily Archives: September 15, 2007

Saturday Football Picks Betting Update

It’s a busy day here in Vegas, and we are getting some info on Mississippi, now +7.5 at Vandy on the strip. Looks like its time to bet that game, GET 7 or 7.5.   AND our Notre Dame info at Michigan is even better then we mentioned , bet the irish now + 9.5 at the MGM on the strip, Buy the half you may be able to get 10 as I did by game time. There is alot of public money coming on UCLA, and there is now value laying more than 14, if you didnt bet this game yesterday at 14, stay off it , same with Central Florida, if you dont get 19 , or more, there is no value in this play if its less than 17.

the public has caught on to the U-Dub+4.5, and that line is down to 3 , if it goes below that , you have lost value. I bet this game at 4.5 on friday , and gave it to those who called in, as well as PITT +11.5 .We knew this would happen,, thats why it pays to bet early, and contact me early in the week.

The afternoon  games go off soon, we have info on LOUISVILLE-5, get on that, you may only have to lay 4 soon. Also Oregon -16, Boston College +7.5.  I just got some killer info on the Alabama/Arkansas game , so contact me directly for that.

San Diego state was a great play at +28.5, its now 29.5 , you may get 31 by game time.

 still waiting for better intel on some later games, including the USC/NEB  game, Ill have that play later, or contact me.

LATE update:  Nice Day so far…a few toucgh losses but we are ahead so far, all sources indicate USC-9.5 is the play tonite in the big game , also Alabama, -3, Idaho+ 26, & San Diego state is now + 30, so go get em.